Andrew Benton, a.k.a. “That Guy”

Born in Seattle, raised in Vancouver, Andrew Benton lived a fairly normal life. He took piano lessons, played sports, went to the prom, graduated from UW. His dad introduced him to guitar as a child, but it would be a few years before Andrew would find his way back to the instrument that would take him all the way to rock superstardom.

But that’s only half the story. A closer look into the spaces between the facts of Andrew’s life reveals a boy with a secret, a man with a hidden past and a power that, in lesser hands, might be catastrophic.

Andrew knew from an early age that he was special, and wasted no opportunity to point out his good qualities to others. His hair, for instance: the glossy sheen, that perfect wave over his forehead. And his teeth: so white, so straight. His physique: well, that spoke for itself. And when he played, he could mesmerize any member of the audience and render them powerless.

Andrew knew that this last was a power he must only use for good. His own good, of course, and the greater good as well. He joined Ruby Shuz and adopted his “That Guy” persona. He rocks the house, and after the show, he fights evil with his ruby red axe.


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