Marti McKenna

(An Appreciation)

by Jessie McKenna

Born in El Paso, TX, (though she didn’t stay too long after delivery), Marti McKenna is a well traveled gal, smart as a whip and clever as a weasel. She has lived all over the west and even as far east (or west depending on who you talk to) as Ireland. She is one of the coolest people you could ever meet. She is my mother, which makes her really cool from my point of view. Without her and that guy from Texas, I wouldn’t be here today typing up all this good stuff about Mo (long story on the nickname thing). Anyhoo, she is funny as hell and has an attitude like no one I have ever met (you can take that however you wish). She is truly a one of a kind human being, full of compassion and understanding (most of the time).

She raised me as a single mom and did a pretty good job if I do say so myself. We traveled the world together throughout our young lives in a VW bus, a Chevy Sprint, Toyota Corolla, bus, train, etc. She always had the best music for us to listen to on our travels. Everything from Jane’s Addiction to They Might Be Giants, The Sundays to Elton John. We harmonized together and she taught me the basics that helped to lead me to where I am today (thanks Mo).

Mo joined my first band about nine months after we formed in summer 2002. Her involvement was inevitable, a back-up singer was a necessary addition, and no one on the planet knows the songs like Mo does or loves the music as much (well except for yours truly of course). She’s not too hard on the ears either (jus’ kiddin’ Mo). She has a wonderful voice and an incredible ear for harmony, not to mention the fact that our voices blend super well together, they are similar enough to flow smoothly, but different enough to be interesting, that’s my take anyhow.

And that’s Marti McKenna, ok she does some other stuff, like she’s a pretty talented writer and partner in an e-book publishing company (Scorpius Digital Publishing), she can draw, makes super cool collages, is an awesome mother and friend, and makes a mean dish of veggie enchiladas. But besides all that, she’s just your average Mo.


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